The J R Williams Privacy Policy – in compliance with UK Data Protection Laws

As a natural process of taking your instructions and arranging a funeral and /or a memorial stone, we inevitably share your personal details with trusted third parties who are directly concerned with making this important event happen, seamlessly and according to plan. They are integral to our work and we place our trust in them.

Examples of such persons:

  • Clergy and celebrants – so that they may contact you
  • Crematoria – to secure a booking and that they may contact you
  • Cemeteries including natural burial grounds
  • Medical agencies – GPs, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals
  • The Coroner and his officers
  • Printers – where you wish direct liaison
  • Charities – so that they may write to you expressing their thanks  
  • Carriage-masters - eg; a horse-drawn hearse
  • Solicitors – where you have informed us that they are handling the estate
  • DWP (where applicable, for verification)
  • Memorial masons – where you require a new memorial or additional work

This list is not exhaustive, and is meant only to illustrate the types of agencies that we pass your name, address, telephone numbers and email address to; so that they may contact you personally. We never sell any information to third parties.

All of these agencies have agreed to securely hold information that they receive from us about you – and, where applicable, to delete or destroy this information unless it is held securely.

In most cases, you will not hear from these agencies when the current business is completed. An exception might be; clergy inviting you to attend a memorial service some time afterwards, perhaps later on in the year.

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